There's Good in This Business


"There is Good in This Business" is a kindness movement that consists of many projects coming together. With There's Good in This Business, we include many projects that focus on environment, society and sustainability. We aim to ensure that the projects we carry out with the support of our colleagues, local people, municipalities and NGOs benefit different areas of society.

Our projects

Loyalty to the Values ​​of the Past

We know the value of our elderly people who shed light on us with their experiences and experiences that instill in us the value of the past. For this reason, we try to spend time with them on special occasions and before religious holidays and benefit from their life experiences.

KAÇUV (Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer)

As part of the cooperation with KAÇUV before the Eid al-Fitr, we met the holiday needs of children. Our colleagues brightened the holiday of approximately 60 children with the choices they made according to their age groups and gender. We reminded our children once again that they were not alone during their difficult illness process.

Uniform Sponsorship for Girls' Sports Teams of Schools

We undertake the uniform sponsorship of girls' sports teams, especially of disadvantaged schools in our service area. To date, we have met the uniform needs of the volleyball, basketball and football teams of 6 schools in Kiraz, Beydağ, Alaşehir, Kula and Çiğli.

Food Bowl on Lighting Poles

We created feeding points with food bowls mounted on our lighting poles. We placed the food containers in our summer regions such as Çeşme, Karaburun, Seferihisar and Urla, considering the street animals that went hungry due to the decrease in the population in winter. Our friends working in the field make sure that the food containers are not left empty.

We identify animal feeding areas in our districts with HAYTAP and carry out feedings with the participation of HAYTAP members and our volunteer colleagues. We strive to ensure that our food containers within our campus area are not left empty.

Library and School Supports

When we heard that the Public Library in Manisa's Demirci district needed to be renewed, we took action immediately. We had the interior of the library painted and installed lighting systems so that children would not be disturbed while reading. We had shelving systems built for nearly 1,000 books we recently donated. We gave away 1,000 of our Energy Hunters game kits to encourage our children to read books. We provided gift kits to children who read books. We also had interior design panels made in accordance with the renewed face of the library. We have absolute belief that children who read books will be the light of the future, and in line with this belief, we will continue our kindness movement in 2022.


My Beach is Clean

We carry out cleaning works on the coastline, especially in our coastal districts, with the participation of the municipality, local people and company employees. We continue our project, which we carry out on the coastline in summer, in metropolitan districts in winter.




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